• BHT services (Bedrifthelsetjeneste)

    • We provide approved professional healthcare services in the native language;
    • We act as an expert and advisor in preventive BHT work;
    • We help employers and employees monitor the working environment in their activities.
  • Bilingual Nord HMS e-system: available in Lithuanian-Norwegian

    • Our system is developed based on the recommendations of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet);
    • It ensures that your company's HMS documentation is orderly and unified;
    • You can sign all documents electronically, whether on a computer, tablet, or phone;
    • With this system, you'll have the tools to work more safely and meet all HMS requirements.
  • Theoretical and practical courses in Lithuanian

    • Enjoy interactive, engaging learning with materials presented in video, audio, and text format, all in Lithuanian;
    • A convenient option for those on the go or those who wish to study at their own pace;
    • Accessible on a computer, tablet, or phone, so you can complete the courses whenever and wherever you prefer.

    Occupational safety services in Norway (in Lithuanian)

    Understanding the challenges faced by foreign companies in work safety due to language barriers and cultural differences, we took action to address this issue. Working closely with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet), construction firms, and the Norwegian Organization for Security Competence (NOORSI), we founded NORD HMS AS – a company that offers comprehensive work safety services in the Lithuanian language.

    We aim to be a trustworthy work safety partner for international companies. We're here to assist both employers and employees in understanding Norwegian laws, adhering to them, and speeding up the integration of foreigners into the Norwegian labor market.

    To achieve this goal, we're continually enhancing our skills and knowledge. We've also become members of NOORSI to reflect our commitment to excellence. In response to our customers' evolving needs, we've broadened our services and assembled a robust team of highly-skilled professionals.

    Leveraging our extensive experience and the insights gained from the construction industry, and in collaboration with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, we've designed a multilingual HMS system. We now offer courses in Lithuanian, Polish, English, and Norwegian, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of our clients.

    What we do

    Are you planning to start or are you already running a business in Norway?

    Want to understand all the Occupational Safety and Health (HMS) requirements that apply to you?

    Want to ensure the safety of your employees?

    Do you want effective communication with state institutions?

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  • Our company was in need of an HMS system, and we sought a company that could assist us. We discovered that NORD HMS offered these services, along with many others, in the Lithuanian language. This was incredibly convenient for us, and we began our cooperation with NORD HMS.

    We later required the help of Nord HMS specialists when we encountered the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. During an inspection at a client's construction site, our work was also examined, and violations were found. As we didn't understand the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's demands, we were unable to respond promptly. Attempting to solve the issues verbally by communicating directly with the inspector, we were caught off guard when we received a notice threatening suspension of our company's activities if the required documents were not provided.

    At that moment, we realized the need for professional assistance and immediately turned to NORD HMS. They responded promptly and professionally, clarifying the applicable laws, work safety regulations, and specific requirements for our situation. They also assisted us in preparing the necessary documentation.

    Our work with NORD HMS has continued for three years, during which they have helped raise our employees' competence and resolve work safety challenges both within the company and on construction sites. We are very pleased with Nord HMS's services and confidently recommend them to others!

    Artūras Kiškis CEO, KOSELIGE HUS AS
  • We began working with Nord HMS following a recommendation from colleagues, and it turned out to be just what we needed. After an inspection by Arbeidstilsynet, we were required to complete certain formalities. Being in Norway for only a year, there were many essential things I didn't know or understand.

    Nord HMS specialists stepped in to help, presenting a list of the necessary documents, answering the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's questions, and responsibly tracking the progress of the process. 

    I can confidently confirm that this company employs experts in their field! They met our expectations, assisted us in obtaining the required permits, and organized workshops to prevent the same situation from reoccurring in future inspections. In addition, we also saw a real financial benefit: Our company, ZJ BYGG AS, was fined 10,000 NOK by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority for using untidy scaffolding. Thanks to the Nord HMS specialists, this fine was annulled, but even more importantly, we now have a positive relationship with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.

    I wholeheartedly recommend NORD HMS. They are a company that knows how to help, and they offer their invaluable services at an affordable price!

    Arunas Paulius CEO, ZJ BYGG AS
  • We began working with Nord HMS after receiving a recommendation, and it was indeed the right decision. The ability to receive services in Lithuanian was a tremendous advantage, making everything understandable and clear.

    Nord HMS assisted us in organizing our HMS system, ensuring that the safety and health of our employees met all necessary requirements. The manager's primary responsibility is the health and safety of the employees, and it can be challenging to understand what those requirements are, especially in a foreign country. But with professional help like that from Nord HMS, we felt safe and at ease, knowing we had guidance and answers to our questions.

    We faced potential fines and the closure of our construction site due to improperly constructed scaffolding. Nord HMS promptly and professionally helped us rectify these issues, ensuring that we were working safely and in compliance. Most importantly, they were committed to resolving the deficiencies immediately. This resulted in substantial financial benefits for the company, saving us about 50,000 NOK and avoiding costly downtime through timely and appropriate action.

    Nord HMS consists of responsible professionals who truly understand their work. If you're in need, don't hesitate to seek their assistance. They're there to help!

    Mantas Daučiūnas CEO, GOD LAG AS
  • I turned to Nord HMS based on a recommendation from my colleagues. Their ability to communicate and convey crucial information in my native language was vital for clarity, helping avoid misunderstandings.

    Nord HMS took charge, organizing a file of chemical substances for us, ensuring that our HMS requirements complied with Norwegian legislation, and performing a thorough risk assessment. They provided professional legal assistance, guiding us through interactions with Arbeidstilsynet and Skatteetaten. With their help, we avoided financial losses, kept our company's operations running, and fulfilled all legal requirements. They even assisted me with personal matters.

    Had we tried to manage everything ourselves, the language barrier and complexity of legal requirements would have been insurmountable obstacles. It was so much more efficient to turn to experts in the field.

    Nord HMS has reshaped our approach to work safety requirements, emphasizing the importance of a safe workplace that doesn't jeopardize human health. We've committed to a responsible approach, ensuring compliance and cooperation with all relevant institutions.

    I can't emphasize enough how much I recommend Nord HMS. They were the right choice for us!

    Remigijus Keblys Vadovas, Intercar AS
  • I'm extremely satisfied with Nord HMS services. Their team is filled with competent and qualified specialists. One notable experience was when Audrius Uselis even sacrificed his Sunday and flew 2,000 km to assist me with my issues. His commitment went above and beyond, and I'm very grateful for the help. Many thanks to Audrius Uselis!

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